Next time I'm just gonna stay here all day and drink free refills! 
- Josh
 They should give out handy-wipes to clean your hands while eating chicken. 
- Andy
 Mobile content is by far the fastest growing segment of the music industry. 
- Hugh
 Man, that gravy is thick. 
- Alex
 The Macaroni and Cheese is actually cheese colored pasta covered with cheese. 
 Did they have meatloaf when they were called Boston Chicken? 
 Have you guys heard of indie core? 
 Can I have 3 trays? 
 Kids today are not choosing engineering as a career path because it doesn't seem as glamorous. 
 They play great music here. 
- Gabe
 The Pink Palmer is iced tea mixed with pink lemonade. 
 I'm sure there is somebody somewhere in the city better than me [at Guitar Hero]. 
 Take it, I'm pretty full. 
 Have you seen the movie The Prize Winner? 
- Shar
 I forgot that Boston Market is decent. 
- Teal
 I am passionate about food. 
 The sweet potatoes were sweeter than the chocolate cake. 
 What are we listening to? 
- Mark
 These potatoes aren't bad. 
 I will not go out of my 5 block radius for lunch. 
 [The cornbread] is not bread, it's a cookie. 
 I'm in a basement eating lunch. 
- Noah
 Keith remembers Boston Market when it was called Boston Horse & Buggy stand. 
 I feel like we just stepped into New Jersey. 
 When I met Conor [Oberst] he wasn't nice to me. 
 Conor [Oberst's] sexiness was only validated by dating Winona Ryder. 
 It's water but it's pink because it came out of the Hawaiian Punch faucet. 
 You can do anything you want as long as you have crap to sell on ebay to pay for it. 
 We ate this city in an inverted takeout tray lid slathered in gravy. 
- Russ
 What happened last night? 
 It feels like a chunk of cheap deli meat...simiilar to SPAM 
 I need to update my reel. 
- Jeff
 Singer lickin good. 
- Vic
 What did YOU do (or NOT do)? 
 I've always thought that Yuki is at least as good a singer as Norah Jones. 
 I think I don't know how to eat chicken. 
 It's short for Eric John 
- E.J.
 Look at these sticks! These are quality sticks! 
- Mark
 They make a perfectly round [mashed potato] crater. 
- Mark
 That's what SHE said. 
 I wish there were more beer gardens in New York. 
- Josh
 The last time I had Boston Market was in 1999 while in Boston. It was on the corner of Commonwealth and Harvard. There used to be a lot of homeless drunks outside. 
 She made a perfect gravy bowl. 
 I have no faith in the online world. 
- Sean
 They should really serve the side on the plate after the main course cause it only gets cold.