Today was just one of those Sunday summer days that if you didn't spend at least part of it outside, you were missing out. Armed with my new (used) bike I decided to cruise the undiscovered streets and neighborhoods of Astoria. I threw some water in my bag and off I went. As I started to head back home I caught a glimpse of the familiar red, white and black striped awning peaking out of a strip mall on Northern Boulevard. I wasn't too hungry but thought I'd take the opportunity to fill up on water. I realized that I had left my camera home so I picked up a single use Kodak camera for the occasion. This is the first time I tried the fresh fruit salad. I wasn't aware they even had this. For $1.99 I got a small cup of honeydew, cantaloupe, and grapes. It wasn't a whole lot but it got me through the rest of the ride home.