In this chapter of Asobi Ex-su I would like to introduce Brian. He was technically bass player #1 and played for approximately one year during 2001 (note: There was in fact another bass player prior to the official formation of the band in 2000). After taking a spin in his new MINI we went to check out one of the Boston Market Stop & Shop locations. We discovered that inside the supermarket was a Boston Market deli counter with a few rotisseries and some other Boston Market "inspirations". After realzing what type of situation this was We decided that it would be best to swing over to the Route 110 location. Brian attempted to order the 3pc Dark but they were out of dark meat! After warmly apologizing with a "Sorry boss", the manager substituted the meal with a ΒΌ white serving. In her haste, the girl preparing the chicken failed to completely remove the rotisserie leg fastener string. Somehow when I order multiple meals at Boston Market I always get all of the food on one tray and have to request additional trays for my guests. At this location I noticed that two trays were actually too large to fit comfortably face to face on the table. I was hoping that Mitch (drummer #3) would have been able to join us for dinner but he was not available. Maybe next time. In the meantime, I leave you with this photo of the band from 2001. [Part One]