Meal #11 and I'm thinking I should experiment a little more next time. Today my guest was Darin who writes a food blog called "now that's what I call a meal". He picked up an additional side on his order and we both 'splurged' on some dessert items. We both agreed that the chocolate cake was quite good but the apple pie slice just didn't make the grade. The most frustrating part of this visit to store #695 was that my gift card did not work. The cashier insisted that my card had no value on it and I had to dig out some cash for this one. When I returned home I verified online at bostonmarket.com/card that my card did in fact have value left on it. For the record, I am listing this meal as $0.00 since it did not directly deplete my winnings. I will also start logging exact beverage choices from this point on. Darin's Post